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Legal Policy Notice  


Our legal policies are framed as per the applicable law and thus, are fixed unless there is a change in the legal standards!

[Take Careful Note: There is no need, in any way, to think that the other Policies are exclusive of legal grounds and are just made out of the blue, and this notice is the only legal document we hold. Perhaps, that's not the case! Legal Policy Notice is made separately only to grow awareness among all participants involved, from authorized Licensees to the customers that we hold a certain strong legal basis in the entire business operations, and disregard to which can come with heavy consequences.]

Published on: 02/08/2022

CA Tech Depot, offering 25+ years of expertise to the eCommerce market, announces the company's major legal reserves in order to create an exemplar of a healthy and lawful business environment in the online marketplace. Therefore, the notice you are reading here shall give you a vivid insight into the list of the legal basis upon which CA Tech Depot establishes and executes the eCommerce business concerning the third-party vendors, sellers, and affiliates, as well as the customers.

Company Confidentiality :

Specifically drafted for the Company Associates & Affiliates, this particular provision, more precisely available in the form of a Non-Disclosure Agreement(NDA) that each sign while entering into business with us at CA Tech Depot, incorporates the firm legal basis on which each of such categories has to keep certain information about the business confidential!

This information, called a company's trade secrets, are the formulae, devices, business patterns, and much more that we take up in the course of doing business and intend to not reveal to anyone other than our business associates & affiliates.


Steps we take to ensure company confidentiality -

1. For strengthening company confidentiality, including customer information, we limit disclosure only to the legitimate categories of associates & affiliates who need to know about it for our business functions.

2. We take the help of applications like confidential waste bins to dispose of any sensitive document about the business, as and when necessary. 

3. In the familiar fashion as above, we use firewalls and encryption to secure the control access of confidential documents. 

4. Another step we uptake to retain company confidentiality is a strict employee policy in terms of violation of the company's confidential information.

5.  We have a continuous monitoring & enforcement system to not allow any gap for information leakage.

6.  Last but not least, CA Tech Depot commits to undertake severe legal actions in case of any damages to the Company Confidentiality.


Our pursuits to use company confidentiality agreements -

In doing eCommerce business of various Technologies, we need to collaborate with a diverse range of associates and affiliates, and thereupon share some requisite confidential information with them. In this process, we use company confidentiality agreements for a number of purposes, as follows!

Ø  To clarify and accurately craft each parties’ responsibilities.

Ø  To set a definite and unanimous standard for handling information in our daily business functioning.

Ø  To protect and sustain patent rights.

Ø  To create the ground for legal actions.

[A Comment for our Associates & Affiliates: As a part of our business endeavor, please immediately report us if and when you notice any breach of the Company's Confidentiality by other associated or affiliated parties.]


Claims against Derogatory Content :

This particular policy is meant for both customers and our Associates & Affiliates, to be equal participants in seeing and engaging with our business content! That is why we hold certain claims against any kind of derogatory expression in the use of our business content.

Do you need more clarifications on this ground?

Well, when you, as an associate and/or affiliate use our website to write content about your services, about our services, about both simultaneously, or maybe as a customer, you post some comments on any of our webpages and social media profiles, you need to be decent and sensitive towards the online community at CA Tech Depot. Since any content posted on or via our site or profiles across the whole online platform becomes our property, and therefore, our responsibility, we do not, at all, entertain any such content which contains derogatory speech against the rest of the community or a part of it.

In such an incident, CA Tech Depot reserves the right to terminate the access permission for the participants found guilty and further pursue disciplinary consequences depending on the decision of the higher management board.

[For a complete understanding, follow the disciplinary consequences column given below, and for reviewing what falls under derogatory content, see the Community Protection Protocols.]

Copyright and Trademark :

Directing to our customers,

CA Tech Depot reserves Intellectual Property Copyright on grounds, but not limited to,

ü  All discoveries,

ü  All materials like graphics, texts, audio clippings, video clippings, etc.

ü  All watermarks or designs and documentation,

ü  Programs & Promotions,

ü  Applications & Products,

ü  Products’ Data (Images, Descriptions, and Specifications).

These items are solely for your personal and non-commercial utility. Thus, we humbly request you to not copy, post, upload, reproduce, republish, transfer, and/or distribute any of these directly or indirectly to anyone whatsoever the reason behind it be! Any violation of copyright stands prohibited and can lead to extreme compensation.

On the very same page, directing our associates & affiliates,

Our company holds trademarks of the website and other official accounts across various online channels and reserves a complete right over the business and market of the company. In availing of our platform to list your products, you agree not to remove or replace copyright proprietary while utilizing our online services or working for it. Any violation of trademarks stands prohibited and can lead to penalties.

[To check the compensations or penalties, go to the Disciplinary Consequence Section of this Legal Policy Notice.]


Community Protection Protocols:

Following our aim to protect the online community of CA Tech Depot, we have certain protocols for you all! They are -

1. You cannot write any illegal, defamatory, abusive, obscene, threatening content anywhere in our marketplace or social media accounts. Also, you cannot mislead the origin of the contents if you are using the ones under our copyright - For All Participants!

2. You cannot share, use, or reuse any materials that belong to us - For all!

3.  You cannot use any information that invades privacy, infringes our intellectual property rights, and/or is harmful to our brand or that of our authorized licensees and sub-licensees - For All Participants of the CA Tech Depot! 

4. You cannot use or deliver promotional materials and applications for our business that contains viruses, commercial solicitation, political campaigns, chain letters, or any sort of Spam - Only for the Associates & Affiliates like Advertising Service Providers, Publishers, Sponsors of Sweepstakes and Surveys, and so forth!

5.  You cannot use a fake email address and participate in impersonating your identity and entity while using our platform - For profile-holders and users!

6. You promise to provide up-to-date, accurate, and reliable product data while selling your tech on our platform - Of course, for sellers only!

7. You cannot remove any trademark or service mark while promoting our website - Goes for the Advertising and Media Service Providers!

8. You cannot use our website for any criminal or illegal activity - Undoubtedly for all!

9. You cannot breach company confidentiality at any cost - For our authorized licensees and third-party vendors.

10. You cannot create unnecessary troubles and annoyance on any of our online profiles - For customers and market audiences only!

11. You cannot distort the warranties or guarantees provided by the manufacturer brand - For resellers alone!

12. While listing your Tech products, you have to ensure that they do not cause any harm to a third party's intellectual rights or trademarks and service marks - For all categories of Sellers!

13. You cannot try to sell a single product on large scale by listing them under multiple categories on our website - For sellers again!

14. You cannot transfer your CA Tech Depot account ID to someone else without our knowledge - For Customers and account holders!

15. You cannot use any robot, scraper, different extraction tools, or any other automated means to fetch access into our service unless provided with permission from our side - For anyone!

CA Tech Depot is very particular and firm about these community protection protocols, and any dis-reflection to these conditions while availing of our service is plausible to bring down legal actions against you!


Disciplinary Consequences :

At CA Tech Depot, we follow the  Intellectual Property Violations & Copyright Infringement Act, underlying Section 512(c) of Title 17 in the United States Code to pursue any disciplinary action. Even though the consequence varies as per the act of violation and decision of the higher business authority, the major consequences that you shall witness in case of discredit of our legal, privacy, social media, & application policies, are -

1. We, CA Tech Depot Inc., and our affiliates may charge a non-exclusive royalty fee that is irrevocable.

2. We may hold and restrict fund transfers based on your history and transactional values.

3. We may record calls and analyze your communication contents, as given with such authority by applicable laws.

4. We may straightaway terminate agreements with you and all business rights you hold at CA Tech Depot as an Authorized Licensee, Sub-licensee, or a third-party service provider.

5. We may remove or edit all materials related to your products or services.

6. We may freeze your profiles at CA Tech Depot and report your email ID.

7.  We may also file a Legal Case to be taken forward by the judiciary.

So, beware of what you do at our eCommerce business, what pursuit lies behind!

Above all, critically check the terms & conditions before engaging with our online services. You will get that in the Condition of use Notice on our website!