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Social Media Policy Notice


Our Social Media Policies encompass the activities revolving around our social media profiles - that on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and others.  

[Please Take Heed: Our Social Media Policy Guidelines cover both private & public activities concerning our respective accounts.] 


Issued on: 02/10/2022

CA Tech Depot, the fastest growing Technology Retail Chain in the USA, operating since 1996, has declared and issued the Social Media Policy Notice to make our online community more comfortable and active for all participants. Hence, this notice shall outline the do(s) and don't(s) while participating in our social media campaigns, posting something on our profiles, messaging us on public or private, and so forth. These guidelines are not meant to refrain your participation, rather encourage and promote it for all our audiences along with you!


Community Standards for interactions & conversations

CA Tech Depot aims to be heard and corrected by their audiences and, of course, the loyal participants all the time!

While, in doing so, each of us, coming together in the online community, bear a different set of ideas and perspectives, being from different backgrounds. That is why maintaining and strengthening the dynamic diversity and inclusiveness of our Depot Missions to live Tech stands essential!

For this reason, we moderate our online community features and make it qualitative one. Herein, we have a humble request for you all to go along with the following Community Standards for Interactions & Conversation on our Social Media Profiles.


ü  Maintaining Transparency & Authenticity in Participation:

We at CA Tech Depot seek all participants to be transparent and authentic about their identity while engaging with our social media profiles in any form.

If in doubts about the security and privacy of your information, please check our security and privacy policies.

But, our online forum is not for you to take up false or misleading participation!

We want our Online community, across Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and all other social media channels, to interact and engage with us, with each other, and with our associates & affiliates through their respective real identities and backgrounds. And therefore, help us offer the services each of you wants, as an individual or as a whole!

Be real, and allow us to serve you better!

ü  Relevancy & Respect:

The primary purpose of our Online Community in Social media is to help users with relevant information about the Tech products and e-commerce services we offer. Hence, we urge you to stay on topic while you post or message anything on our social media profiles and simultaneously not create any such content which is discriminatory or insensitive to other users and audiences.

1. You cannot message or post anything that’s offensive, threatening, abusive, defamatory, or obscene.

2. You cannot write and express your intolerance towards another race, nation, gender, religion, occupation, age, disability, and so forth. Anything that falls under discriminatory behavior as per the applicable laws!

3. You cannot invade others' privacy while using our profile pages to message or post content. The information falling under the category of privacy breach herein are Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, Residential Addresses, Identity Proofs like Adhar card or Pan Card, or other personal information.
[For more information about the privacy breach, go to the Privacy Policy Notice!]  

4. You cannot drown out other people’s ideas and opinions by creating multiple accounts to quantify credibility.

5.  You cannot engage in name-calling activities publicly on our social media profiles and publicly attack someone with those.

So, if you enjoy being a part of our online social media community and want to continue seeing Tech innovations, be respectful; be relevant!

ü  Prohibitions & Reservations of Commercial Promotions & Plea:

Being a commercial enterprise ourselves, launching a social program to bring together the lovers of technology into hearing out our unique developments and discussing them through the various mediums already noted above, we have certain protocols regarding the commercial activities at our sites of engagement and interaction.

They are -

1. As part of our Online Community on the different social media channels, you cannot create or modify any content that speaks of our company services or that of our associates and affiliates for your commercial plea.

2.  You cannot use our profile sites to advertise and promote your own business without our notice and approval!

3.  You cannot use our social media profiles to discuss and propose your business to our sponsors and affiliates.

4.  Neither can you create, post, or modify content on our social media profiles about our competitor's service or products nor direct business leads or sales to our competitors from those sites of engagement.

ü  Content Infringement:

In order to protect the integrity of the content we provide, our associates or affiliates provide, our customers and audiences provide, CA Tech Depot totally discourage and dis-appreciate the infringement of  Intellectual Properties & Company Confidentiality of any organization, we, our affiliates, and associates, or others while posting or messaging any content through our social media community forums.

You can only post content out of your own creation and/or the ones you have permission to use!

On Recommendations, Reviews & Feedbacks!

CA Tech Depot appreciates your efforts in recommending us, your product ideas, and your services. Also, your reviews & feedback on anything and everything related to our business!

However, in doing so, we cannot escape and overlook the authenticity of the recommendations, reviews or feedback, and/or any of your attempts to manipulate them. Thus, we have created certain guidelines for using this open forum to make it a constructive affair. They are -

1. You cannot use threats of a negative review or a low rating in order to acquire something that's wasn't present in our CA Tech Depot marketplace or in the original listings.

2. You cannot exchange your feedback with others for fetching a high feedback score.

3. You cannot respond to other positive feedback with a negative comment.

4. You cannot use any derogatory language in the reviews and feedback.

5. Customers from one household address cannot post too many reviews of the same products.

[See the Conditions of Use and Legal Policy Notice for information related to the applicable legal terms and disciplinary consequences.]   

Yet again,

We want to hear your ideas!

You're welcome to send in your product insight, ideas, and recommendations by mailing them to our Product Innovations Department or connecting with our customer support team! You're welcome with both positive and negative feedback as long as that's authentic!