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    Payment Policy


Announced and Published on: 28/02/2022

CA Tech Depot, associating with more than 50+ brands since 1996, have created some effective provisions to support the users of the online marketplace, both buyers and sellers, and help them have a smooth payment facility and all other process related to the Tech orders. This notice is an electronic record announcing and publishing the payment policies for existing users and for the new!

Payment Policies

On availing of our marketplace at CA Tech Depot as a buyer, you can use any of the payment methods, however under conditions that you agree to, 

  • Your entry into a legal contract when initiating a transaction through your buyer’s account, and you shall have to pay the price by issuing from your bank.

  • The collection and storage of some portion of your payment details by CA Tech Depot so as to make receipts and for you to revisit the payment history in case of any issue.

  • Assume no responsibility or liability of CA Tech Depot for any loss or damage caused directly or indirectly to your financial profiles because of

  1. Your lack of authorization to transact balances from the bank,

  2. Payment issues arising from the banking service,

  3. Exceeding the limit of transactions agreed upon by you and your bank,

  4. Or any other reason for your bank to decline transactions.

  • Acknowledge that the payment facilities may vary from one category of product to the other. Also, depending on the delivery locations and prior

    ordering history!

  • Take responsibility for checking and rechecking the payment information, offers and coupons before processing it and not request us for any change after it is already processed.


On having a seller's account at CA Tech Depot's online marketplace, you can get your payments directly transferred to your bank account as per the payment schedule you book or modify from your account. In doing so, you agree to,

  • Authorize CA Tech Depot to collect, process, and remit payments from the buyers on your behalf.

  • Not hold CA Tech Depot responsible or liable if you have a banking issue like the decline of transactions, delay in transactions, or exceeding the limit of transaction which you and your bank agreed upon.

  • All payments will be made in USD, and CA Tech Depot should not be responsible for any conversion fees or otherwise charged by the bank.

  • Acknowledge that CA Tech Depot is neither a trustee nor does it have a fiduciary capacity concerning Transactions and/or the Transaction Price.

  • Submit financial documents like GST approval or pan card number whenever asked for a transaction or Credit Card payment gateways.

  • Comply with the applicable laws of transactions via CA Tech Depot’s Sellers account.

[You can feel free to see the conditions of use notice for your questions related to the transactional terms in using your buyer’s or seller account at CA Tech Depot to buy or sell tech products.]

Available Payment methods:

The payment methods may vary from one category of product or service to another. However, a vast range of options are available both for the buyers and sellers of CA Tech Depot, such as -

  • Cash on delivery,

  • Online Banking through Credit Cards & Debit Cards or the specific banking Apps,

  • PayPal or Stripe Payment facility.

Pricing and Offer programs:

The pricing for each product is listed in the product details along with the discounted prices that remain for a short period and change from time to time. The Final Price may not be the same as the product price, depending on many factors like - Shipment location, Purchase Amount, Available Coupons, Taxes applicable on specific products, and/or quantities of purchase.

The offer programs are available as -

  • Lightning Deals where you can get a certain percentage of discount for buying a specific product category.

  • Options of EMI payments on certain products and/or product categories.

  • Discounts on using the Credit Card Gateways.

  • Combining offers on a specific product and service.

  • Cash-backs or credit points on using online banking apps.

However, these offers may vary from one buyer to another, subjecting to account history and order purchase. Each of the offer programs holds certain terms and conditions. So, you are requested to go through them before placing an order and/or transacting the purchase amount.

You can print the invoice from your account at CA Tech Depot as soon as the order is shipped.

Regulatory Fees and Waiver:

On having an account at CA Tech Depot, you are responsible to pay all taxes like VAT, CST, GST, or service tax associated with the product purchase and delivery at our marketplace.

Herein, all prices given in the listing are inclusive of the taxes unless stated otherwise. The taxes may vary on several factors like, -

  1. The total amount of purchase,

  2. Delivery location, Total services availed of, and

  3. Use of offer programs.

Yet again, as a buyer, you may approach for fees waivers for any order issue in compliance with our conditions of use. A fee waiver is initiated on several grounds. [For more, see the Cancellation & Return Policy Notice.]