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Shipment Service at CA tech Depot 

Ca Tech Depot allows customized shipping. Thus, you can express your shipping preference while checking out the order.


We, at CA Tech Depot, allocate a bunch of shipment provisions to make product delivery much more safe, efficient, and smooth for our customers.

  •  We allow a Stripe payment method to enhance the protection of your money. 

  •  We have a 100% money-back policy when any issues arise at the time of reception. 

  •  We offer a fast shipping process, precisely around three business days. However, depending upon your Zip Code, the time may sometimes extend to eight business days. 

  •  We also have a same-day dispatching policy if we receive your confirmation mail before 1:00 pm Pacific time. When the confirmation mail comes after 1:00 pm PST, the order leaves the very next day. 

  • We ask for minimal personal details for order shipment, mainly a complete address and an available contact number for the delivery partner to connect if and when any issue pops up while tracking the accurate location. 

Tell us where you want the delivery because your choice always matters to us!