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Privacy Policy Notice

Our Policies keep on updating! The latest one is effective from February 2022.

[Please see: Some special policies may be applicable to California residents]

Last Updated: 02/08/2022

Established in 1996, California Tech Depot is a business unit of the leading global market holder in the technology industry, Hyundai Technology. Our legal and Privacy Policy is subject to the collection of your personal information, its use, and disclosure. However, our policies are not governed by anything else other than the service. Therefore, we are not responsible for the collection of information by third parties.

You can anytime change and modify the information available to us, just through an email request!

Collection of information:

By availing of our service, you agree to our access and storage of your personal details and other information for an enhanced and automated service! Herein, your Personal data and other info are collectively termed as information.

As and when you provide any details for the service, you comply representing the authority you give us for the uses, as mentioned in this notice.

Examples of information we collect -

        Your name, phone number, email address.

        Your IP address and location information.

        Your age, your personal description, and your profile image.

        The phone numbers, other addresses, and people listed on the participant’s address.

        Email Ids of your friends and other relatives.

        Your emails to us, feedback, and reviews.

        Your purchase and credit history.

        The official documents that reflect your identity.

        Information regarding your content interaction, such as streams and content download, download or steaming quality, duration and number of your engagements with the contents, and so forth.

        Your online time-zone settings, device log files, and voice recording when you talk about CA Tech Depot in Alexa.

        Your financial information.

        Your browser and device information.

        App usage data.

        And everything you do on your account at CA Tech Depot.

Channels we use to collect your personal information -

1.   Our Online Services   -

When you create an account at our website and place an order or make a wish list, we may collect the information. We may also collect information when you communicate with us or sign up via newsletters. Your information is available to us on your participation in a Contest, Loyalty Program, Survey, or Promotional Offer. The primary channel of information collection!

          2.   Authorized Licensees   -

When an Authorized Licensee provides us with certain information like your purchase and order details, or your communication with their sales and service departments, we may store them for offering you a comprehensive service.

These Licensees, at California Tech Depot, are the third-party vendors and partners who have signed in for a service agreement and are independent of us.

3.   Your Browser or Device   -

When you update your browser and use it to perform anything on our website, we collect and store all such information. Also, when you automate your digital activities through the device, we may collect and store information about it.

For instance, Media Access Control (MAC) address, computer type (Windows or Macintosh), screen resolution, operating system name and version, device manufacturer and model, language, Internet browser type and version, and the name and version of the Online Services (such as the Apps) that you are using.

4.   Your use of Certain Apps -

When you download and use an App, we and our service providers & business partners may track and collect your App usage data, such as the date and time the App on your device accesses our servers, what information and files have been downloaded to the App based on your device number, and so forth.

5.   Payment Information   -

  When you make payments for your orders, we may collect and store information about your credit card or debit card number, or bank account number from which you have made the payments. However, we do not have any further access to these details and only retain and use partial information for confirming with payment receipts. 

On the other ground, CA Tech Depot has to share these details with the specific service provider for Order Confirmation, and thus we are not responsible for their otherwise independent use of any data. 

6.   Cookies  - 

When cookies allow us to, among other things, tailor our advertisements or offers to you, we intend to make them available to you.

If you do not want your information to be collected through the use of cookies, you can certainly choose to stay out of it! There is a simple procedure in most browsers that allow you to automatically decline cookies. Or, you can straightaway disregard the accepted request!

 Herein, you may experience some inconveniences because we cannot respond to browser “Do-Not-Track” signals, thereupon! Such experiences can be as frequent login requests or no offers displayed that are relevant to your interests and needs.

7.   Pixel tags & Adobe Flash Technology  -

Today,  Pixel tags (also known as web beacons and clear GIFs) have given us the opportunity to track the actions of users of the Online Services, measure the success of our marketing campaigns. Simultaneously, they help compile statistics about the usage of our Online Services and the response rates. Therefore, these are also a channel of our information collection!

On the other hand,

We may use Flash LSOs and other technologies to collect and store information about your use of the Online Services. If you do not want Flash LSOs on your computer, you can block Flash LSO storage through the Website Storage Settings Panel. Or, you can control Flash LSOs from the Global Storage Settings Panel. Please follow the instructions rigorously!

Disclaimer! On setting the Flash Player to the restricted or limited acceptance of Flash LSOs, you may fail to utilize the features of Flash applications, including those used in connection with the Online Services. [For more information, you may visit https://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/disable-local-shared-objects-flash.html.]

8.   Google & Adobe Analytics  -

Applications like  Google or Adobe Analytics that use cookies and similar technologies to collect and analyze information, is a channel providing us with the overall online matrix of the services and allowing us to make reports on activities and trends. These services may collect information regarding the use of other websites, apps, and online resources!

[Learn about Google’s practices from www.google.com/policies/privacy/partners, and opt-out by downloading the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on, available at https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout. You can learn more about Adobe and opt-out by visiting http://www.adobe.com/privacy/opt-out.html.]

 9.   Mobile Location-based Addresses and IP addresses  -

Since, we track the general physical location of your device by using satellite, cell phone tower, WiFi signals, or other technologies for successful shipment, we may retain them for further personalized location-based services, advertising, and content. 


We may derive your approximate location from the IP address. Your IP address is the number automatically assigned to the computer while you are using the Internet Service Provider (ISP). This particular address may be identified and logged automatically into our server log files. It happens when a user accesses our Online Services. At the same time, we can track the time of the visit and the page(s) that were visited.

[Note please: Collecting IP addresses is standard practice and is undertaken automatically by many different websites, applications, and online services.] 


Use of Information:

We may use your information for a list of purposes. They are as follows!

1.     For Orders and Shipment:   We may use your information for taking and fulfilling your orders. Your information stands essential for delivering products and services, processing payments. Your information is significant to communicate with you about the orders from time to time.


2.     For Better Customer Support:   We may use your information to address your issues and grievances faster and reach out to you with accurate solutions in terms of your need.


3.     For Analyzing & Evaluating CA Tech Depot Services:   We may use your personal information to analyze where our service stands, how to fix errors, and how to improve the usability and effectiveness of our Tech Depot.


4.    For Offering you customization Facilities:   We may use your information to give you personalized experiences and help make your Wish-list through your preference identification.


5.    For Compliance and legal obligations:   In fact, we may, sometimes, collect and use your information to draft and amend our policies and to comply with laws. The one involving identity verification for Online Services!


6.    For Promotions and Advertisement, Loyalty Programs:   Likewise, we may also collect and use your information for promoting interest-based ads, recommending products & services that might be of some interest to you, and launching a loyalty program. However, these are not the personal information, we use, but the Other.

[ To learn more, you may read our Interest-Based Ads  Column.]


7.    For Fraud Prevention & Community Protection:   Above all, we may use your information to secure customer accounts from Scammers and hackers. With your data, we can prevent and detect fraud and abuse in the order s. Your data opens up the methods to assess credit risks and manage them.

Besides, We may also use your information for community protection. Many times, people on the web come up with derogatory content or hate

speeches about our brand, our associates, and partners. Therein, our Community Protection Protocols stand effective!

 [ For more, you can check the Community Protection Protocols.]'


Disclosure of Information:

Your information may be subjected to disclosure as and when required. However, we are not engaged in the business of selling customers’ information. We only share them on the grounds, described below!  

1.   To an Authorized Licensee:

We may disclose some of your personal information to our Authorized Licensees, such as dealers or retailers, of course, in connection with the Services.  Such a process is crucial for them to offer us the products you order and purchase through our marketplace!

They may contact you directly through emails, phone calls, or postal mail for collecting further information. Herein, all data you give them shall not be a subject of our concern or privacy policy. Instead, you have to go by the privacy policy of the particular Authorized Licensee.

In fact, ware not liablfor any actions or in-actions of dealers, retailers, and sellers. Any breach in the conditions, representations, and/or warranties from the seller’s side do not fall under our business jurisdiction, and hereby, we expressly disclaim any responsibility or liability. The Authorized Licenses with the aforementioned service providers do not entail any scope for resolving or mediating disputes & disagreements between them and You!  We further hold no claims over the quality, quantity, or legality of the products listed on our Platform.

However, if you anytime encounter order issues from our marketplace, you can approach us to revisit the order or leave feedback about the seller. 

2.   To the Sponsors of our Contests, Surveys, Sweepstakes, & Promotions:  

As contests, surveys, Sweepstakes, Loyalty programs are a part of our advertisement and promotions, we may have to provide some of your information to the Services who sponsor these events, mainly for their online registration process.

That’s why we suggest you carefully read the terms & conditions of each such survey, sweepstakes, or contest before participating in them through the Services. The terms & conditions of these promotional events may define and consider your information as a subject of use or disclosure by the Third-Party Service Provider s.  

Whenever you notice a conflict in the treatment of Information between the rules of Information Disclosure & Uses for a contest or sweepstake mentioned here, in this Policy, and the terms and conditions appearing in the promotional event, you can immediately report to us!

3.   To your Connections on Social Media:

When you link your social media profile with our platform at CA Tech Depot, you authorize us to use and disclose some of your Information to your Social media connections and to the specific Social Media Account Provider, undoubtedly, in connection with your social sharing activity.

The information disclosure, in this regard, is governed by the specific Social Media Site’s Privacy Policies, alongside following your chosen privacy settings.

Additionally, some information disclosure concerns, but are not limited to, your social media posts and comments on CA Tech Depot’s Social Media Pages. As we allow customers to post information on the message boards chatsour profile pages, blogs, and other content, it stands as our duty to strengthen community protection. Thus, any such information you post or disclose through the online services shall directly go public and may be available to other users and all audiences.

[For more reference, read our Social Media Policy Notice.]

4.   To Service Providers involved in Transactions & Shipment:

We may have to share and disclose some of your information with the service providers involved in our payment and delivery processes. They are the Third-Party Service Providers who help in online transactions in an order purchase, prepare and provide payment receipts, and on the other, look after the shipment of products accurately to your doorstep!

Even though we expressly disclaim the activities of all such service providers and are not liable for their use or disclosure of information, customers, being our priority, may request a complete money-back in case of order issues like tampering with products during shipment and your reception.

5.   To IT Service Providers and those of Branding & Media:

We may similarly share and disclose your information with other Service Providers, conducting Information Technology(IT) operations like infrastructure management, data analysis, audit creation, etc.

Furthermore, we may have to reveal some of your information to those service providers who facilitate us with website hosting, and others who allow us in promotional campaigns through email delivery, like, for example, G-mail or Yahoo.

On top of that, our website may show you some links and promotional ads from other websites, but we expressly disclaim any sort of liability for the contents or privacy policies of those sites.

6.   To Public & Government Authorities on request, or for complying with the law:

Please take heed that we may also share and disclose your information as and when it stands necessary and appropriate! However, such instances are rare and only undertaken to comply with applicable law, including those from outside your state or country of residence.

Sometimes, we may have to disclose your information to abide by the legal processes pursued in the protection of CA tech Depot’s rights, privacy, safety, or property, and/or that of our affiliates and partners, you, or other customers! Thereupon, also to enforce our conditions of use in the eCommerce service!

On the very same page, we may disclose your information in terms of protecting our operations or those of our affiliates, and develop & launch immediate remedies, necessary for limiting any damage or sustaining through its due course.

We may even have to disclose your information at Government requests, or of other public authorities, that include the public and government authorities outside your country of residence  

7.   In case of Business Transfer:

As and when we sell or buy any other businesses or services to develop and expand our own, customer information is one of the business assets that act as a subject of the transfer. However, under such circumstances, the promises made in our preexisting and updated privacy notice shall stand by the same!

Interest-Based Ads & Advertisement Preferences:

In order to bring to the forefront relevant advertising practices and thereby present you with the features, products, and services that may serve your personal taste or preference in technology, we create and display certain interest-based ads, the following -

ü  applicable laws,

ü  the defined codes of self-regulation laid out by the Advertising Standard Council, and

ü  the principles decided upon by the International Digital Advertising Alliance solely for Online Behavioral Advertisements.

The information we gather about you over time through multiple channels, including mobile apps, is what enables us to frame interest-based advertisements.

Are you wondering what sort of information we use in this regard? They are none other than -

ü  Your interactions with us, at CA Tech Depot Official Website,

ü  Your posts, comments, and reviews on our Social Media Profiles,

ü  Your engagement with our content, be it the blogs or otherwise, and

ü  Other demographic information.

However, in generating interest-based ads, neither do we use any information that can identify you as a particular individual, nor do we connect your interactions on unaffiliated sites with personal data. Furthermore, we do not share or disclose your information with the Advertisers or Sites which allows us to promote our interest-based ads.

On the contrary, this is the information that comes to us via -

ü  Cookies & Flash Cookies,

ü  Pixel Tags,

ü  Mobile advertising IDs & Statistical IDs,

ü  Our Affiliates, and

ü  Third-Party Service Providers. For instance, the Publishers, Social Media Networks like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Search Engines, and different Advertising Companies we tie up with, render much statistical information about our customers for enhancing the relevancy of ads.  

Disclaimer! The advertisers who collaborate with us may sometimes use cookies for delivering various content s right to your browser or device. Hence, in this process, they are likely to receive an IP address, automatically. These cookies are used by them to review and evaluate the effectiveness of their ads, showcase more relevant promotional content and offers, and subsequently execute services on behalf of CA Tech Depot.

Yet again, you can always get the opportunity to delete and control cookies, including those of the Third-Parties!

While coming to Advertisement Preferences,

You may stop your account from receiving interest-based ads by submitting your preference! You shall be given two options - the first is the ‘Personalize ads from CA Tech Depot’, and the second one is - ‘Do not Personalize ads from CA Tech Depot for this browser’; Make your preference as per your need!

[Please note: Even after preferring to not fetch personalized ads, you may encounter personalized recommendations on Tech, both at CA Tech Depot and the affiliate’s site. You may also come across ads given by us, but they shall not be the personalized ones.]

Your Choices:

Now, coming to the column that may interest you the most, the Choices or Preferences you can hold hereafter!

1.   You can anytime opt-out of certain information collection, but in doing so, you may not be able to leverage many of our services at CA Tech Depot.

2.  You have the choice to add or update your information at any time. We shall keep in store all of them, including the date and time of the update. [For more, see the Access, Change, and Suppression of Personal Data Section, given below.]

3.  You can choose to not receive Email campaigns from us as well as in-app notifications. Feel free to modify your privacy settings for the latter.

4. You can opt-out of interest-based ads from the advertisement preferences. For more, follow the section above.

5. You can prevent or decline Cookies at any time. However, in doing so, some promotional offers and special features may not appear for you.

6.   You can also avail of our website and browse it without getting interlinking the browsing history and your account. For this purpose, you have to log out of your CA Tech Depot account and browse anonymously.  


Access, Changes, and Suppression of Personal Data:

Would you like to review, correct or update the Personal Information that you have previously provided to us?

You may communicate your preference with us via contact@californiatechdepot.com. You can also drop a regular postal mail at Attn: Sr. Director Customer Care, 2601 Walnut Ave, Tustin, CA 92780.

In your mail request, please be specific and clear about, -

  • What Personal Information you would like to have changed,

  • Whether you would like to have your Personal Information suppressed from our database, or

  • Is there any other limitation that you would like to put on our use of your Personal Information?

[Please See: We may only implement requests with respect to the Personal Information associated with the particular email address that you use to send us your request, and we may need to verify your identity before implementing your request. We will try to comply with your request as soon as reasonably practicable.]

Special Notice: For California Residents!

Customers residing in California, whose Personal Information has been collected, disclosed, or sold by CA Tech Depot may acquire certain special rights concerning the Personal Information. Such rights comprise, -

Ø  The right of access,

Ø  The right to deletion,

Ø  The right to opt out of the sale of your Personal Information, and

Ø  The right to not be discriminated against.  

If you have further doubts regarding the privacy policies, ping us on the Contact Us page!