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   Terms Of Use 


This Notice is an electronic record, following the information technology act, 2000, and entails the terms and conditions applicable to both the new users and the existing ones who wish to access and use our online platform at CA Tech Depot and our services. The terms and conditions may be updated from time to time. So, keep a watch on it as and when required.

Published on: 28/02/2022

CA Tech Depot, the fastest-growing retail network in the USA, exclusively for Tech products, issues and publishes the conditions of use for both the buyers and sellers of the marketplace. On even mere use of the online platform, the users shall enter into a contract with CA Tech Depot and have certain policies to oblige with! This Notice shall render a complete overview of the terms and conditions that falls under the domain of your binding obligations to CA Tech Depot's platform and services as a user. 

For Our Buyers :

On availing of our platform and services at CA Tech Depot, as a buyer, you agree to follow the terms and conditions of use stated herein!

1. Conditions of Your Account at CA tech Depot as a Buyer and the Registration -

You may create a Buyer's account in our e-commerce marketplace and get the Tech products dropped at your doorstep, but there are some conditions you need to be conscious and aware of!

  • As a buyer, if you wish to create an account at CA Tech Depot, it shall be your responsibility to keep your account ID and Password confidential.

  • You agree to secure your password by all possible means and immediately notify us on any instance when you think your password has been hacked. And/or it is being used in an unauthorized manner!

  • As a buyer, you agree to provide authentic identity and complete information at CA Tech Depot during the registration.

  • You agree to the condition that in case you provide invalid or unauthentic information while registration, your account is under suspect on reasonable grounds, and CA Tech Depot can terminate or block your account access hereafter.

  • Our Tech Depot considers the mobile numbers and email addresses shared during registration as the primary marker of identification of your buyer's account. Herein, you are responsible for notifying us and updating the data in case of any change.

  • You agree to the condition that CA Tech Depot is not liable for the activities of your buyer's account and also not responsible in case of any use or misuse of information occurring under your account, including your failure to update the information on our platform.

  • You agree to take the sole responsibility for your buyer's account in case you share or allow others to access it.

  • You agree to use the buyer's account only for your personal means and not for any commercial pursuit!

  • CA Tech Depot reserves the right to refuse access to the platform and remove or edit contents of your account at any time without serving you with any notice.

  • You agree that you are above the age of 18 while creating and using a buyer’s account at CA Tech Depot. A minor can only use our online platform and access the contents under prior consent and supervision of the legal or parental guardian.

  • On creating a Buyer’s account at CA Tech Depot, you agree to our use and disclosure of certain information. [For more, you can check the Privacy Policy Notice.]

2. Conditions of Transactions via your Buyer's Account -

When you use our online e-commerce platform, send us a mail or any other information, and/or communicate with our customer support team, you acknowledge and agree that the communications are happening under electronic records. It is also applicable for instances of transactions through our platform! Here, your communication and transaction data are stored. However, CA Tech Depot is not responsible for the transactions happening between the buyers and sellers in any form.

That is why,

  • All commercial terms are bipartite, which means the transactions are bound between the Buyers and Sellers alone, and CA Tech Depot is only a facilitator in this regard. CA Tech Depot does not determine or control any of these terms.

  • CA Tech Depot disregards itself from any non-performance or breach of contract between the buyers and sellers and shall not resolve or mediate any disputes regarding so!

  • CA Tech Depot shall not hold any title, claims, or interest over the Tech products and is therefore not responsible for a delayed performance on the seller's side due to out-of-stock issues or backorders.

  • CA Tech depot does not have any representation or warranty of the item- specifics and is independent of the bona fides. The warranties are provided by the sellers themselves! [For further information, check out our warranty policy notice.]

  • Concerning the placement of orders, the seller reserves the right to cancel an order placed by the buyer during an exceeding quantity of the typical product or the quantities exceeding the individual consumption. The quantity limit is fixed by the sellers and depends solely on their criteria so, the limits may vary from one seller to another, and CA Tech Depot has no role in it. But if your transactions are already done, the exact amount shall be refunded back to the buyer on cancellation by the seller. Our tech Depot shall intimidate the buyer of the same via email, account notification, or SMS!

3. Conditions of Purchase -

On purchasing tech product/products from our online platform, you agree to, -

  • Be responsible for checking and rechecking everything related to the item listed, be it the bids, offers, or quotations from the given product descriptions and details at CA Tech Depot.

  • Enter into a legal contract with CA Tech depot and the sellers when purchasing a tech product or even committing to buy so. Herein, we cannot

    allow the transfer of ownership of the products from the seller to the buyers.

  • Not misuse feedback & review opportunities, refund facilities, or our buyer protection programs, and shall report us so, whenever you notice such abusive and unsocial practice.

  • Not Harass or advocate harassment of others while using your account as a buyer at CA Tech Depot. Or, be patently offensive to anyone from our online community with,

  1. Sexually explicit content,

  2. The ones which promote hatred and bigotry, and

  3. The contents that involve obscene episodes and/or encouragement of physical harm.

  •  Not interfere with other buyer's use, or seller's use, and enjoyment of the marketplace facilities of CA Tech Depot.

  •  Not able to use or modify our contents at CA Tech depot, not of the sellers for your commercial activities. [Please see the legal policy notice for more reference.]

For Our Sellers :

As a seller, you can avail of our platform and services at CA Tech Depot and sell your tech products in California and across the globe. However, you certainly have similar grounds to agree upon when entering the e-commerce business - The Conditions of Use!

1. Conditions of your Account at CA Tech Depot as a Seller and the Registration -

The moment you create an account as a seller at CA Tech depot, you agree to follow certain registering conditions and that of using our applications to sell.

  • You shall have to be authentic about your company identity and provide complete information about the same when creating our account.

  • In case of misled information and/or those untrue, you shall be under suspect and may also end up losing your platform access, or your account may be confiscated or terminated.

  • CA Tech depot is not responsible for any activities conducted through your account, and you are requested to keep your account ID and password confidential.

  • On sharing your seller account ID or password with someone to do business or otherwise, Your information submitted to CA Tech Depot’s electronic record may be available to them, for which CA Tech Depot holds no regard or liability.

  • You agree to not use any robot or software for extracting information about our service or not even try to access it for any purpose.

  • You agree not to interfere with our functioning at CA Tech Depot by any means. For instance, you get no scope to impose unreasonable exports on our infrastructure while doing business through your CA Tech depot account.

  • You also agree not to use other seller's information or the buyers or disclose them without prior content.

2. Conditions of Transactions from and to your Sellers’ Account -

The payment for our product purchase through CA Tech Depot shall reach your specified account directly. But, you have to agree on the conditions to take through the process! You agree to, -

  • Authorize CA Tech depot to collect and process payments of the products  from the buyers through cash on delivery or e-payment methods.

  • Take responsibility to pay the Taxes of Your online business by yourself and provide documents of so, in using of our seller's account facilities, at CA Tech Depot.

  • Take responsibility for providing the accurate and complete detail necessary for the payment transactions.

  • Acknowledge that CA Tech Depot does not offer a banking or financial facility for payments. Thus, the transaction time may vary by the functioning of your specific banking support.

  • Authorize CA Tech Depot to hold or restrict funds in case of legal disputes and/or breach of contract.

  • Us and our affiliates use your financial and business information for verification from time to time.

3. Conditions of Listing -

When you list your Tech products on our online platform, CA Tech Depot, you agree to, -

  • Provide authentic and accurate information about the items listed and cannot mislead any price of the items.

  • Ensure that the listed products are not in any way infringing upon the intellectual property, trade secrets, or any other proprietary rights of third parties. Also, those do not violate any third parties privacy and publicity notices.

  • CA Tech Depot's authority to revise or correct the product data standing requisite for listing! This is done to supplement, correct, and market

    information in front of the buyers.

  • CA Tech Depot's authority to publish and promote your products on other applications, websites, and affiliate platforms!

  • CA Tech Depot's authority to use your product names, images, and content for advertisement and social media campaigns!

  • CA Tech Depot’s disregard to any guarantee of the exact time span when your products will stay listed on our web application, as the keywords or

    categories associated with your products may not be searchable for long.

  • Take responsibility for the warranties of products listed on our platform and the related exchange policies.

  • Acknowledge that CA Tech Depot aspires to make the marketplace easier for the buyers to locate what they are in search of! Henceforth, the listing category and placement may vary, depending on multiple factors, such as, -

  1. The items matching with the buyer’s query,

  2. The items available to ship to the buyer’s location,

  3. The items relating to the buyer’s browse history,

  4. The ones sorted in terms of price, color, offers, or specific model and brand.

  5. Your seller's account history includes but is not limited to feedback and defect rates.

  • Advanced Listing Upgrades may be specific to some services only.

  • Our edit or removal of some URLs and meta tags involved in the listings!

  • Our provision of optional recommendations while creating the product listing. Such recommendations are given when you have a high-performance rate and aggregate sales.

  • Our disclosure of your performance and sales history to other sellers and our affiliates & associates.

  • Acknowledge the variation of payment methods sometimes, in terms of the product category listing.

  • Not list those products prohibited to sale by any governmental agency or any that violates the security and safety laws and regulations applicable.

  • Not distribute or post spam, pyramid schemes, chain letters, and so forth.

  • Not create or campaign unsolicited and/or bulk electronic communications on our platform.

  • Not commercialize any application or information that CA Tech Depot holds, except with prior official permission.

Charges of use:

CA Tech Depot asks not extra fees for selling or buying products on our e-commerce marketplace, except for the ones applicable to taxes and delivery & shipments. Sellers can campaign their Tech products at a 0% commission rate, but otherwise applicable to taxes. Our Tech Depot offers discounts and refund policies as well! [For understanding the charges in detail, see the Payment, Cancellation & Refund Policy Notice.]

Policy Enforcement:

Whenever you face any issue as a buyer or seller, you can immediately contact us. [Go to the contact us page, fill the query form and wait for our team to revert in sometimes.]

Under such circumstances, we consider the user's history as a seller or buyer and the specific issues, both applicable to compliance with our policies. Our decision of policy enforcement may vary as per the intensity of the issue, the legal binding behind it, and the unanimous call of the board.

CA Tech Depot holds all rights to restrict funds, terminate accounts, block application access, and file legal cases to enforce our policies in case of violation.

[See Legal policy Notice for more information about policy enforcement.]