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Security & Policies at CA Tech Depot


CA Tech Depot acknowledges your care for personal information that we get and use further. Hence, we continuously keep our Legal & Privacy policies and social media policies updated.


How secure is your information with us at CA Tech Depot?

Our system design incorporates Privacy and Legal Rights in mind. Our security methods include three different processes.

  • We protect your transactional details and all other information using encrypted applications. While dealing with payment card data, we abide by the ‘Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

  • We protect your personal information by maintaining electronic and physical verification methods. That is why we request proof of identity before disclosing the personal data we store. We use email confirmations and OTP options in this regard.

  • We allow our customers to manage and modify security settings so that you can monitor and control the security features. Such an option enables you to protect your data against unauthorized access.

How to protect your personal information?

Configure features on the basis of your own need and take some necessary measures.

Step 1 – Make sure to update the browser as an older one may not be secure enough like the latest one. Install browser update as soon as it appears into functioning. It is very crucial before editing any payment methods.

Step 2 – Create a unique User-ID that’s way unlikely to your email address.

Step 3 – Create a unique password with a combination of lower and upper case letters, symbols, and numbers.

Step 4 – Avoid using the A-Tech Depot User-ID or password elsewhere.

Step 5 – Change the password at an interval of 30-60 days.

Step 6 – Deselect your account from the option of ‘Keep me logged in on all devices other than your own.

Step 7 – Log out when you are not using the site.

Step 8 – Report your concern to our Grievance Officer as and when necessary.

If and when you have a query or grievance to address regarding the available security option, feel free to bring that to our notice.

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Condition of use

By using our e-commerce service, you agree to, –

1.        Our use of your personal information (even some sensitive ones) as stated in the privacy notice.

[Please See: For keeping track, check the amendments that take place from time to time.]

2.       Our shar e or transfer of this information to the third-party vendors and partners with authorized license following the purposes set out in the legal , Privacy , and Social Media Policy Notice.

3.        Not hold us responsible for the data collection by other organizations like Google or Facebook when you use their service to make the account . See, legal policy notice.

4.        Follow Conduct and Community standards, not use any derogatory content or hate Speeches, and not tamper with the Company information or others, as per the Community Protection Protocols.

[For a complete view, read the conditions of use notice.]

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